Stranger Things: ALL Newspapers Nancy Wheeler Worked For

Stranger Things’ Nancy Wheeler (Natalia Dyer) is naturally curious, sharp, and tenacious — so it’s no wonder she worked for two newspapers in her hometown of Hawkins, Indiana. 


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This article is a short, simple post to answer the question, what newspaper did they use in Stranger Things. Actually, the real answer is that the town of Hawkins has two newspapers: The Weekly Streak and The Hawkins Post.

Which Newspaper Does Nancy Wheeler Work For?

So which newspaper does Nancy Wheeler work for? As of this writing, the top answer on Google — The Hawkins Post — is not quite right because Nancy Wheeler worked for both newspapers in Stranger Things.

While still in high school, Nancy Wheeler worked as an intern for The Hawkins Post, a regular town newspaper where the men weren’t exactly respectful of her.

Oddly enough, she wound up moving on to being the editor of The Weekly Streak, Hawkins High’s newspaper. I say “oddly enough” because, well, don’t you think a high school newspaper is kind of a step down for Nancy? I mean, coming from a world of working with professional journalists?

Bruce Lowe the Newspaper Jerkface

Not that coworkers like Bruce Lowe were especially professional. I guess you could argue that they were “professional” by the standards of the day, since — I guess — nobody really respected women back then. I wasn’t around, having been born in the mid-80s, so I don’t know what life was really like back then.

I’m making this about women, but Bruce Lowe was a jerk to Jonathan, too.

When Nancy came to him with a story, he complained about the sandwich she brought him. And he helped prank Nancy with a toy rat. But he mocked Jonathan too.

Was that normal behavior for back in the day? That excuse is a tough sell. That is just to say that the guys at the newspapers were jerks. They weren’t professionals.

So I get why she wouldn’t stay there.

On the other hand, while, as the editor for The Weekly Streak at Hawkins High, Nancy doesn’t have to deal with the jerks at The Hawkins Post, it’s still maybe a step down for her career trajectory.

Nancy Wheeler is a Natural Journalist

But no matter which newspaper Nancy Wheeler ends up working for on Stranger Things, she’s a natural journalist down to the core of her character.

When her friend Barbara Holland died, she investigated the death, which led to her getting tangled up with Jonathan, Will’s brother. Nancy helped Jonathan get to the bottom of Will’s disappearance, too.

That’s just part of who Nancy Wheeler is: curious, sharp, and tenacious.

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