Dailysack.com is an online magazine. The main topics here are two: horror, and Stephen King’s 7-part The Dark Tower book series. Sometimes, when the mood strikes me, I also write about other topics, usually short story or audiobook reviews.


Dailysack.com actually started off as a satirical site, making fun of historical and current events. I took those posts down.

Slowly, the site began to grow in many ways. For example, my articles became increasingly readable. For another, my viewership has grown.

I have been writing more horror content lately, which means less Dark Tower.

As I live in Tokyo, I’ve also been “updating” a travel blog. Said blog will probably get a few updates per year.

Travel blog has migrated to Dailysack.com/travel

Thank you for visiting!

The Team

Eli C.

Writer, editor, aspiring novelist. I run the site. Dailysack is my baby. I do almost everything here. Low-key, I want to work as an actual professional editor and/or copywriter, so if you need one, drop me a line.

I am a cat person, but my favorite breed of dog is pit bull, for their rubbery faces, sunny mood, and cuddly disposition.


Writer, Youtuber, video game geek. A friend who helps out from time to time. He runs his own nerdy website called Orgamesmic.


Writer, traveler, 80s horror geek. Check out her horror podcast @horrortherapypod

Cat for your daily sack