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Exciting Pacing in Talk To Me 2022: Review

Talk to me 2022 review: This review of 2022’s Talk To Me is by guest poster Carol Kavanagh. You can find her bio below.

I’m always a bit skeptical when it comes to new horror movies, you can’t beat the oldies I say. There are so many remakes nowadays and when a new horror is released it tends to lack any originality and instead relies on copious amounts of kills for cheap thrills. The same cannot be said for last year’s impressive Barbarian. A terrifying movie with an unexpected storyline that will leave you running for the hills whenever you hear the word baby being said. It is one of two of the most impressive horror movies I have had the pleasure of seeing recently.

The second one is Talk To Me.

Talk To Me Boasts A Premise That Works

Basically the premise of Talk To Me is a game where you become possessed by the dead. Sounds simple, right?

I love a horror that sets your nerves on edge as soon as the opening credits are introduced and this feisty horror shocks from the get-go. You get a glimpse of the first signs of possession at a house party that quickly turns into chaos. A kind of horror that shakes you up and then holds you captive for the rest of the movie. 

There are scenes that will have you mouth-wide-open in between mutterings of “Jesus Christ” to yourself. This is what makes it so great. The storyline is unique and the characters are likable, if somewhat unhinged. I mean who loves to play a game where you become possessed by the dead just for some giggles and social media content, however it is very apt for today’s teenagers. It’s certainly not your usual drinking game on a Friday night, but these kids are really into it, so much so that they unleash the dead who take over and create havoc in their lives. The subsequent events create a kind of suspicion around who Mia, the protagonist, should trust. Paranoid mayhem ensues.

Disturbing Themes in Talk To Me

Talk To Me Movie 2022

The Talk To Me movie touches on the serious topic of suicide and the vulnerability of loved ones left wondering why? How losing a loved one can make you so desperate that you would do anything to bring them back. It turns out that giving the dead control over the living is a dangerous game, a realisation realised too late.

A creepy embalmed hand, said to be a deceased medium’s, is used in the same way a Ouiji board usually is. Holding onto it and saying three simple words talk to me allows the dead to possess the person holding it, giving some of the participants a feeling of euphoria as possession takes over their being. They willingly lose themselves to an unknown entity but for no longer than 90 seconds, just to be on the safe side! But who’s keeping time anyway when the entity sounds like a recently deceased loved one? Of course this causes issues, some very bloody issues indeed. 

Exciting Pacing in Talk To Me (2022)

The film manages to run at a steady pace, making sure you don’t lose interest with some pretty violent scenes involving one of the younger actors, Riley. This poor lad goes through a lot and is the center of attention for the entities as well as Mia who has been unfortunate enough to witness where his soul has been taken. You begin to wonder just how much trauma one boy’s head can stand. From banging it on a table to getting his eye poked out, maybe it’d be better if he didn’t survive!

Talk To Me Movie 2022

It’s refreshing to see an Australian horror movie as you don’t come across too many on the big screen. The young actors are a talented bunch of horror newcomers and I particularly enjoyed Miranda Otto’s portrayal of an exasperated, protective mother. It reminded me as to why I liked the Sabrina the Teenage Witch remake so much. She’s definitely not a newcomer to horror having previously acted in the Annabelle franchise as well as What Lies Beneath. 

Talk to Me manages to keep your mind guessing and your body tense while being gory enough for all you slasher fans too. A clever movie for you die-hard horror nerds, keeping you on your toes, wincing at the terrifying visuals, and afraid to sleep with your feet outside of the bed covers. After all, who knows what might be sucking on them!

Cheers for reading my Talk to Me 2022 Review!

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Carol Kavanagh

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