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The Whole Truth (2021): SPOILER FREE and SAFE TO READ

This article is about Thai horror film The Whole Truth (2021), not to be confused with American crime drama, The Whole Truth (2016) . It has NO SPOILERS and is totally safe to read if you haven’t seen the movie yet. The Whole Truth is a Thai horror film, and an incredibly scary one at that. It came out in 2021 and is streaming on Netflix. I watched it on Netflix Japan.

The Whole Truth: A SAFE Review

As I mentioned, this review of Netflix’s The Whole Truth is relatively SPOILER FREE and SAFE TO READ.

In this article, I will review Thai director Wisit Sasanatieng‘s newest horror flick by category. It includes The Whole Truth cast and cinematic trailer, too.


The Whole Truth: The Good

One word: immersion.

The movie drew me in and kept me there; I was legitimately terrified.

The Whole Truth: The Bad

For a Netflix Horror movie, some effects in The Whole Truth were a honestly a little tacky. I’ve come to expect more from Netflix. However, I don’t necessarily think having a low budget in a horror movie is necessarily a bad thing. I’ll talk about that a bit more later.

When it comes to the acting, of the acting was sincere, but there was one actor who I just couldn’t believe. Unfortunately, she was sort of distracting.

The Story: Extra Points for Genre Bending!

Netflix has a knack for streaming movies that breathe fresh life into classic movie genres like horror, and The Whole Truth is no different!

One thing I really liked about The Whole Truth is that it melds horror and Asian-style drama. Don’t tell anyone, but tears welled up in my eyes more than once.

To cook up a complex drama, each character has to have his or her own story; the writers did a great job with this.

Here’s the main story thread: Pim and Putt’s mom is hospitalized, and they move into grandma and grandpa’s house where something strange is happening.

Although that is the basic premise, what’s interesting is that there’s more than one story thread. Each character has his or her own individual story thread which wraps around the main one.

Sutatta Udomsilp Horror

And elements of the plot really do play out like a drama: Pim and Putt are involved in high school woes, and grandpa immerses himself in a tragic cop story of suspicion, punishment, and revenge.

And as for grandma? Let’s just say she is busy taking care of Pim and Putt at home. But there’s something a little off about her sometimes…

The Whole Truth Thai Horror

Grandpa is on a mission to get revenge on a rich-bitch who wiggled his way out of a murder charge! He’s the kind of spoiled brat we all love to hate. 

The Whole Truth Thai Horror

Although it may seem difficult to juggle all these different stories, the writers handled it well!

To sum, yeah, this is a fresh take.

Fear Factor (HORROR criteria, SPOILER FREE)

JUMP SCARES: 5/10 (but it’s not that kind of movie)

There were a couple of times where the “jump scares” really got me. What was nice about the jump scares was that they didn’t feel tacky or forced. There weren’t too many of them, but honestly, a couple of times I nearly jumped out of my skin.


Netflix hit it out the park with the horror on this one, as “Creepy Scary” is where The Whole Truth SHINES. The environment and story absorbed me. The whole “Creepy Scare” vibe was very real, and what made it even better were the sound effects and sountrack (more on that below).

GORE: Not that kind of movie

There was some blood and stuff, but it really wasn’t that kind of movie. Plus, it wasn’t really in the budget. Unfortunately, with Thai movies, sometimes the special effects suffer as a result of low budget. Yes, it’s true, there were some tacky 3-d effects in The Whole Truth.

But I think we’ve all become a little spoiled by high budget films. Horror B-Movies are special, don’t you think? Low budget horror is a staple of the genre.

Thai Horror Movie

Horror Makeup & Set Design: Passes

The makeup is good enough to get the job done, but nothing special. Same for the set design: it did what it needed to do.

Cinematography: 6/10, with Points for Creativity

Don’t get me wrong, 6/10 is good in my book.

There are some interesting and creative shots throughout the movie, including this technique they use several times, where basically you’re looking at a certain scene, and then the whole picture changes. I’m going to try to explain this without spoiling the plot.

Imagine you take a video of a tree. After you take the video, you review the footage, memorizing exactly where everything was in the shot, from the leaves on the ground to the squirrel climbing the trunk.

Next, you film something completely different – something horrifying, like some sort of monster – but everything is in the exact same position as the last video, so that you can seamlessly cut from one video to the next, leaving the audience to shudder and wonder what they’ve just seen.

Maybe they’re even questioning reality.

They used this technique several times, and it added to my sense of immersion and horror.

The Whole Truth Netflix

SFX and Soundtrack 10/10 HELL YES

You need to watch The Whole Truth with the lights out and a classy sound system plugged in. If you don’t have a good sound system, wear headphones.

AND make sure you watch it late at night.

Alone or with a friend.

So, I already mentioned that my favorite thing about The Whole Truth is that it’s legitimately immersive and terrifying!

Well, the soundtrack is what gets us there.

In fact, the soundtrack and effects studio impressed me so much that I wanted to write up a whole section about them. But when I looked them up on the IMDB page, I couldn’t find anything.

I had to do some digging, but I finally found Wild at Heart Studio.

You may think it is strange to fawn over a sound studio, but how different is that from decades of fans fawning over Star Wars’ Industrial Light and Magic for their novel buzzing lightsabers and pew-pew-ing DL-44 blaster pistols?

Wild at Heart Studio has a showreel on their website, but to give you an idea, here’s a commercial they made the sound for:

In case you didn’t know, a rambutan is like a lychee fruit

Acting: Mixed Bag

Let’s talk about The Whole Truth cast! How was the acting?

Grandma’s acting was a little campy towards the end, but everyone else was great, especially Putt (Mac Nattapat Nimjirawat).

His acting style was sincere. 

I thought his facial expressions during dialogue were subtle and believable. Maybe even more believable than a real person in a conversation, if that’s even a thing. 

Unfortunately, it seems that, as a lesser known actor, his name is a bit further down on the “stars” list on IMDB and credit roll too.

I found his professional Instagram account.

The Whole Truth 2021

As for grandpa (links to grandpa’s IMDB), too bad he just kind of has one face – a scowl – but he does it well. He’s a scowler. Yet, his name was first on the credits. Is he a famous Thai actor? I’m not even sure.

Then there’s Pim, played by Sutatta Udomsilp.

Udomsilp is apparently famous in Thailand. Her Instagram account has just under 8 million followers. And wow. Although her physical beauty was understated in The Whole Truth, she’s actually rather glamorous.

Anyway, here’s what I can say about the acting: Pim and Putt are the main characters. They get the most screen time. And their actors play their roles very well.

In case you’re still hungry for more information about the cast, I’ve embedded a few movie trailers from films these actors have also been in (at the bottom of this post).

I also found a detailed cast list that I liked here.

Good Points VS Bad Points

Let’s wrap this thing up. Should you watch Thai horror movie, “The Whole Truth”? Here are my conclusions:

  • Fresh take with the genre bending (combining horror with Asian-style drama)
  • The film had a low budget feel. They did a lot with what they had. 
  • I felt legitimately scared.
  • Amazing sound effects!

The Whole Truth Netflix Horror: Conclusion!

You could do a lot worse than 2021’s Netflix Horror flick, The Whole Truth. Turn off all the lights, crank up your sound system, mute your phone, and find it on Netflix.

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What Else was Pim (Sutatta Udomsilp) in?

Here she is in a high school comedy in which she gets the power to electrocute people, places, and things:

And here’s another scary movie she was in, called Laddaland:

What Else was Putt (Mac Nattapat) in?

I can’t read it. It’s all in Thai. But he was in this TV show when he was younger!

Finally, here is The Whole Truth Trailer:

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