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The Privilege’s Sexiest Actresses (and one hot actor!)

If you’ve seen German Horror movie The Privilege (2022) on Netflix (Das Privileg in German), then you’ve surely seen that steamy threesome scene between Lena, Finn, and Samira. The grown-up actresses and actors who played those 3 sensual teens may be unknown to American audiences.

What a shame! These 3 are a lot of fun to drool over.

Lucky for you, I’ve done the research, compiling their names, publicly available social media for you to follow, and pictures and videos for you to peruse. Happy watching!

1. The Privilege: Actress Tijan Marei

Tijan Marei playes Samira, Finn’s love interest in The Privilege.

Tijan Marei has been acting since 2013. Although she started her career as a child actress, she has since come into her own as an adult, having acted in The Privilege’s infamous threesome scene. Ms. Marei is drop dead gorgeous, as you can see on her instagram @tijanmarei.

What else has Tijan Marei been in?

Marei’s first leading role was in Ella’s Baby (2017), where she plays a high school girl who gets pregnant by accident while away in France (source: Wikipedia).

You can watch the trailer here:

Tijan Marei’s Tiktok

And of course, like any other young up-and-coming actress of notable beauty, Tijan Marei’s Tiktok is available!

Blooper Reel!

But her Tiktok is not only glamor shots. Check out this “The Privilege” blooper reel I found!

2. The Privilege: Actress Lea Van Acken

Here is the second member of The Privilege’s infamous threesome: actress Lea Van Acken, the talented actress who played the gay best friend. I guess she liked Samara, too. What a friend. Sharing is caring, Finn!

Lea Van Acken’s Tiktok

Lea Van Acken’s Tiktok is a bit more wholesome and dialed back than Tijan Marei’s. Since I don’t speak any German, I have no idea what any of those reels are about, but here’s a pretty straightforward one about showing off her pants!


Well…maybe these pants….✨

♬ original sound – Daniella shaba

What else has Lea Van Acken been in?

On a more serious note, the Das Privileg star played the leading role in a 2016 film about Anne Frank:

3. The Privilege: Actor Max Schimmelpfennig

Max Schimmelpfennig plays Finn, the main character in The Privilege.

First of all, here’s his Instagram:

The man looks great! You can see he’s quite in shape in this 2020 short film by director Florian Schwarz (film found on Max Schimmelpfennig’s 2021 showreel, available here). As you can see, Max is seemingly typecast as a dark, strange high school boy with smooth pectoral muscles.

Max Schimmelpfennig

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