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This Ju-On: Origins Cast is a Former Adult Video Actress

Mihiro, aka 谷口 みひろ, who plays “Assistant to TV Show Host” in Ju-On: Origins, is a former adult video actress. She is also a singer, writer of fiction, and all-around entertainer. 

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Mihiro was also a Ju-On Cast Member in White Ghost

Interestingly, Ju-On: Origins is not Mihiro’s first appearance in The Grudge series. She also played the character, Chiho Tanemura, in Ju-On: White Ghost (2009). Chihiro Tanemura’s character died violently when her boyfriend, Fumiya, stabbed her repeatedly in the stomach, because he thought she was the White Ghost.


So actress Mihiro was invited back to the franchise for Netflix’s 2020 Ju-On: Origins series. But what about the juicy stuff?

Before Ju-On: Mihiro’s Nude Modeling Days

Mihiro started her career as a nude model in the early 2000s, releasing videos, photobooks, and magazines. Her most famous photobook, “Dream (夢),” was released in 2002.

Mihiro Nude
There’s also a Mihiro movie from 2013

To understand why photobooks and magazines are a big deal, you have to understand one of the differences between Japan and the West. In the U.S., I think it’s safe to say that the lion’s share of our “tasteful nudes” has graduated from glossy print to Google image search thumbnails.  

But that’s not necessarily the case in Japan. 

Even in 2022. 

Mihiro AV

As someone who lives in Japan, I can tell you that photobooks (sexy and otherwise) and nude magazines are ubiquitous here. You can find them in any convenience store, mixed in on the shelf with cooking and fishing magazines, cute cat Instagram harvest photobooks, and action comics for boys. You are almost guaranteed to pass a scantily clad pair of you-know-whats on any given journey to the back of your local 7-11, Family Mart, or Daily Yamazaki on your quest for beer, chicken, or candy.  

My whole point is that Mihiro’s Dream (夢) book is kind of a bigger deal in Japan than it would be in The States. 

She also acted in the “2003 comedy Heisei Sekuhara Bushidou (平成セクハラ武士道 たそがれ助兵衛) directed by Naoyuki Tomomatsu” in one of many “softcore V-Cinema productions” (Source: Wikipedia). 

Interestingly, Tomomatsu has directed a goodish number of zombie, erotic, and erotic zombie movies. I plan on checking them out soon.

You know, for research.

With titles such as “Rape Zombie: Lust of the Dead” how could I possibly resist?

Mihiro’s Pre-Ju-On: Origins Cast Days (Mihiro AV)

TRIGGER WARNING: this section contains dark humor.

Before Mihiro was a Ju-On cast member, she was in a number of AV films.

AV titles are famously funny. But I think some of Mihiro’s AV titles are even funnier. Is that just because of a weird translation? I don’t know, and I don’t care.

Here, I have curated some of Mihiro’s most hilarious titles.

  • Tied Up Penis Piston 4 Hours
  • This Cum Face is Wow!
  • Enveloped In The Adult Scent Of Temptation Pantyhose Fucking
  •  Best All-Star Mega Torture & Rape Special – 16 Hour
  • Womb Thrusting Super Cowgirl
  •  The Lewd Infection Ward
Mihiro AV
Mihiro Lewd Infection Ward

Mihiro’s Twitter

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Some Non-AV Mihiro Movie Trailers:

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