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Netflix’s “The Privilege”: Youthful Ache in Surprising Sex Scene

How the threesome sex scene in The Privilege happened: Finn and Lena have just finished their seance, and Samira, Finn’s cute love interest, now knows about the Necrofungus monster. Now that Samira has seen it, the three teenagers can’t be apart tonight. So they go back to the pool (where that douche, Leander, had his party).

Now, there are a lot of ways for people to comfort each other in times of crisis, but this was one way I was NOT expecting. 

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Samira and Finn start kissing. But then Samira wants to kiss Lena too.

Previously, at the party, which took place at this very same location, Samira and Lena danced, and Finn hallucinated that they were covered in blood and making out.

Well now here they are, all three of them alone, and somehow they’ve found comfy blankets and scented candles to set the mood. How convenient. 

Finn gets the first kiss – that totally makes sense, since they liked each other first – but as it turns out, Samira is attracted to Lena, too. Finn nods that it’s okay, and then Samira and Lena make out. 

the privilege threesome scene

At first, you think Finn and Lena will just share her.

Finn takes off Samira’s shirt while Lena kisses her. Then something really disgusting happens. Finn and Lena start swapping spit! What the hell?

Privilege Kiss

These two are best friends. There’s literally no sexual chemistry between them. Besides that, it doesn’t make sense because Lena’s not interested in boys.  

Anyway, soon enough, Finn and Lena are back to sharing Samira. They go down on her, although Finn is going right up the middle, straight for the gold, where Lena seems to, unfortunately, be stuck in a supporting role. 

Threesome Privilege Horror Movie

Too bad. You’d think the lesbian would get to eat out first. Rumor is, they’re the most skilled, and you’d think that would be the case. 

Come on, Finn. Sharing is caring.

Steamy Threesome Gets Down and Dirty

Then, Samira rides Finn. This makes sense, given that Lena wouldn’t be into it. But I can’t help but notice that Finn is getting all the attention now instead of Samira!

The privilege sex scene

That’s probably because of the group dynamic.  Finn is the only guy in the group. But I really expected Samira to be in the middle of everything. Instead, Lena is kind of the “side bitch.” Too bad for her.

Did The Privilege writers write Finn’s best friend as a lesbian just so they could throw in this threesome sex scene? Who knows. But you can’t help but think. 

And things were never the same again.

In the next scene, when Leander jumps off the roof of the school Finn and Samira follow Leander into the ambulance. Lena stays outside. She has already played her main role in the movie, participating in the threesome. 

But seriously, this part legitimately makes no sense. Lena and Finn are so close. They’ve been involved in this whole thing since day one. Why would Samira suddenly replace Lena?

Sigh. I guess that’s just the way these things go. If they ever make a “The Privilege Part 2,” I low-key want Lena to steal Samira in the sequel.

But maybe that’s just me.

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