Ka is a Wheel: And These Other Things are Wheels

In “The Dark Tower” by Stephen King, characters from Mid-World and beyond have a knack for saying that ka is a wheel. The following are some other things that are wheels:

Bicycle Tubing is a Wheel

Ka is a wheel, and so is bicycle tubing. What goes around comes around.

A gif is a wheel. Symbolically speaking.

Certain Cheeses are Wheels

Delicious Brie

Brie and Camembert can be bought in wheels.

Camembert Fun Facts! Did You Know:

  • That camembert is basically brie, only with small modifications that only dweebs care about?
  • That camembert contains ribbonflavors or whatever?
  • That camembert pairs with crusty nuts?
  • That camembert was invented in 1791?
Local Dweeb Slathers Honey Over Block of Mold

Ka is a Wheel, and so is a Hula Hoop

Hula hoops are a “wheely good” way to stay in shape.

Those Rolly Things on Your Luggage are Wheels

Look at that word. “Luggage.” What do you think it would sound like if a French person said that?

It looks French, right?

That’s because it is!

Just kidding, it’s “bagage.” Stupid idiot.

Fun luggage facts:

  • The word comes from lug + age, denoting the age in years of a big lug
  • A lot of luggage comes with a handle, which rhymes with candle
  • Some luggage is rectangular
  • The word “luggage” can be translated into over a million languages
  • There are only 6,500 languages
  • 6,502 if you include the high speech and whatever the Taheen speak
  • 6,503 if you count Klingon
Walkin’ Dude

The Grapes on This Fruit Car are Wheels

Aren’t they grape?

As Eddie Dean said, “ka ka.”

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