Nigil, Domestic Robot

Toons: Nigil Becomes More than Domestic

In Stephen King’s The Dark Tower VII, the Ka-Tet meets Nigil. His serial number is DNK 45932, DOMESTIC. Eddie has the bright idea of bringing Nigil to the Tet corporation and selling them to “housewives” in America. This idea is, of course, not very bright at all. It’s basically like saying “hey, let’s speed up the apocalypse.

But of course, there are other worlds than these. If you want to know what happened in a sister world, see this, and see it very well:

Nigil, Domestic Robot

And here is the result.

Jake Chamber's Mom
Uh oh.

Now we know who Jake’s mom’s masseuse was, do ya ken it? Jake’s mom cheated with none other than that chipper bucket of bolts, Nigil, DNK 45932, DOMESTIC.

Of course, lying is against his programming, so when Jake’s mom inferred that she wanted to keep the affair secret, DNK 45932 started malfunctioning. Un, deux, trois.

Eins, zwei, drei!

Stay tuned for more Dark Tower satire (& yes, some actual analysis) and other ridiculous content.

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