Andy Messenger Robot Many Other Functions

Andy, Messenger Robot: What are his Other Functions

In The Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla by Stephen King, Rolan Deschain of Gilead meets Andy, Messenger Robot, many other functions.

But just what are Andy’s other functions?

That is what we’re exploring in this series of Andy cartoons.

Behold, other Function #2228: Candy, Stripper Robot, many other functions 😉

“That Candy is a tall glass of water, do ya kennit,” Sai Jaffordson was reported to have said.

But not all the Calla folken have been keen on this one of Andy’s many other functions.

“All the boys want to come comalla with her, so they all comalla around her instead of comalla in the fields! When their comalla is comalla, they only want to come comalla in one place!” one of the Calla folken lamented.

“That’s why he don’t talk about his other functions,” said another. “Some even whisper that it’s the stripper function which makes all the Calla children roont. They just come comalla and never come back.”

Andy Messenger Robot Many Other Functions
It’s all “true.”

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