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What are Andy, Messenger Robot’s Other Functions?

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So what are Andy, Messenger Robot’s other functions?

Andy, Messenger Robot, Many Other Functions, has one function you may not have guessed yet: he was programmed to write novels. He wrote a series of novels called The Dark Tower. In his first book, The Gunslinger, Roland Deschain follows the Man in Black through the desert.

Later, Andy, Messenger Robot, Many Other Functions articulates his own demise, invents a fictitious author named Stephen King, and somehow manages to facilitate King’s novel into a faux alternate reality called “Keystone,” where strange, made-up cities teem with boring people and soft gunslingers. And it would seem, now, that King’s “Keystone” world has, as a result of Andy, Messenger Robot’s meddling, become real.

This of course, was a direct effect of machines going insane, like Blaine the pain, enough to start imagining whole worlds. Other worlds, one might say, than these.

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