Oy: Weird Dog from Midworld Dissatisfied with New York Traffic

Manhattan, Monday – A weird dog called Oy is dissatisfied with the quality of New York City traffic after a cab driver nearly ran over his owner, a homeless ginger boy in greasy moccasins, according to reports.

According to reports, the homeless ginger pulled a gun on the driver

“There was like this weird dog,” says local barista and unreasonably obsessive observer of traffic, Don Key. “And it was upset about the quality of New York’s taxi cab drivers.”

We caught up with the weird dog to ask him a few questions while his master stopped to chit chat with a deranged preacher who talks like a cartoon.

IRL Foghorn Leghorn

Daily Sack: What is it you find most displeasing about New York Traffic?

Weird Dog: Oy!

Daily Sack: What do you think the NYPD or MTA should to do mitigate the street congestion?

Weird Dog: Oy!

Daily Sack: Is there anything you’d like to say to the taxi driver, if he’s reading this now?

Weird Dog: (sneezes)

Daily Sack: One last question.

Weird Dog: Oy!

Daily Sack: Would you say you’re more dog or raccoon? Just in case they make a CGI of you. They should get it right. I always imagined you looking like a Zigzagoon. Is that right? It’s the gold-ringed eyes.

Weird Dog: (winks)

Basically a weird dog.

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