Every House is Haunted Characters

All of the “Every House is Haunted” Characters

The Every House is Haunted characters are a cast of frightening unfortunates with supernatural powers. 

Every House is Haunted on Netflix

The characters in Netflix’s Every House is Haunted actually come from the short story, The House on Ashley Avenue, by Canadian horror writer Ian Rogers. The film, produced by Sam Raimi (The Evil Dead trilogy, Spiderman trilogy), is a highly anticipated horror genre release on Netflix. It is directed by Corin Hardy. 

Here are all the characters from Every House is Haunted, as read in Ian Rogers’ The House on Ashley Avenue.

In order of appearance:

Every House is Haunted Main Characters

1. Charles Courtney

Maybe it’s just a trick of the mind, but Charles and Sally are the kind of team that remind me of the X-Files’ Mulder and Scully. They work for the Mereville Group, a secretive agency in charge of keeping “the eight,” deadly haunted houses, under lock and key.

In Every House is Haunted, these characters are our protagonists.

Out of Sally and himself, Charles is the more serious of the two. I think he’s a bit more rational. He’s also more boring. Definitely the Scully of the pair.

And let us not forget that Charles has an excellent sense of fashion. 

“ It wasn’t a problem for Charles, who had probably popped out of the womb in a suit and tie.”

Ian Rogers, The House on Ashley Avenue

2. Sally Wakefield

Casual dresser. Drinker of Orange Crush soda. Doesn’t take life too seriously. A natural jokester. Too bad she had to wear high heels for this assignment. And too bad this assignment is so dangerous. After all, Sally is the one who goes back inside the haunted house on Ashley Avenue, and nearly gets herself killed in the process.

Sally is definitely the more interesting of the duo. I’d say she’s more the Mulder type.

Up until this assignment at the haunted house at 17 Ashley Avenue, Sally Wakefield has been stuck in her career. Mereville Group has her trying to recruit psychics and telepaths of her own, first at the airport, then at the mall.

So this haunted house is her first big assignment, and possibly her big break. But her enthusiasm might just get her into trouble… 

Every House is Haunted Side Characters

3. Ted Weston

His parents died in this very house.

Ted doesn’t believe in the supernatural, although her sister does. And even Ted seems to acknowledge that something is a little strange around here.  

Author Ian Rogers describes Ted as nothing short of rumpled. Ted was

“a young man who looked as if he had been sleeping in his business suit for the last couple of days.”

Ian Rogers, Every House is Haunted

4. Dawn Weston

Dawn Weston, sister to Ted, is the one who hired a psychic to look into the mysterious death of her parents. Author Ian Rogers describes Dawn

“The crying woman was thin with mousy hair that looked as if it hadn’t seen the business end of a brush in about a week.”

Ian Rogers, Every House is Haunted

5. Tanyaka Morningside

This character is the psychic. Her card reads, “Tanyaka Morningside. SPIRITUAL CONSULTATIONS AND COMMUNICATIONS.” 

Author Ian Rogers describes her as

“short and fat and draped in a ridiculous orange sarong that, in Sally’s opinion, made her look like an enormous beachball.”

Ian Rogers, Every House is Haunted

Yes, Tanyaka Morningside may be a psychic of sorts. At least, she’s probably what they call in the biz a “receiver.” Not that that’s anything special. Most people in the world are natural receivers.

Unfortunately, when Tanyaka acts as a medium to communicate with the spirits, she ends up embarrassing herself by writing “Britney Spears” in her notebook. What Ms. Tanyaka Morningside doesn’t realize is that Sally Wakefield is the one making her write the pop star’s name! 

6. Dan Clarence Winter, a.k.a. Edward Reed

Dan Winter is a telepath. From Barrie, Ontario, Canada. Left hand dominant. As a student, he once cheated on a calculus final.  When he was 38, he found and recruited Sally into Mereville Group. 

7. Mr. Weston

Unfortunately, Mr. Weston died in the bathtub with glass in his throat. 

8. Mrs. Weston

When she found her husband dead, one of the creatures haunting the house chased her down the hall. That was when she fell downstairs and broke her neck.

9. Eddie

Eddie is a murderous creature who haunts 17 Ashley Avenue. He once played baseball when he was a kid, but we don’t know much else about him.

At the end of the story, Sally

saw a flash of images. The vanity. The open window. The scratch baseball game taking place outside. Kids hollering and laughing. “Eddie’s OUT, Eddie’s OUT!” The crack of a bat, followed by the crash of broken glass. Then everything turns red.

Ian Rogers, Every House is Haunted

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