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Terry Crews Cast in New Walking Dead Show

Terry Crews has been cast in the new Walking Dead spinoff show, Tales of the Walking Dead. The upcoming series comes after Fear The Walking Dead (2015), The Walking Dead: The World Beyond (2020) , and the original series finally ends after 11 long seasons.

First of all, we have already gotten to see new and old characters alike in Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead: The World Beyond. But now, there’s no telling who Tales of the Walking Dead is going to bring back from the dead!

Although, honestly, it’s kind of hard to picture him being serious.

Don’t get me wrong, Terry Crews looks like a badass. After all, he was once a professional American football player (source: imdb). But he has spent so much time acting like a goofy softie who just happens to look tough on the outside.

Terry Crews
Terry loves yogurt.

Why I’m Excited for Terry Crews in Tales of the Walking Dead

Tales of the Walking Dead is going to be an anthology. That means Terry Crews might only be in one or two episodes. But I’m really looking forward to seeing how it turns out. You know what would be a crazy surprise? If they cast Crews as an antagonist, like a robber or kidnapper who causes problems for the good guys. I guess that’s fairly unlikely, given the characters Crews has played in the past, but I would love to see it.

It is much more likely that Terry Crews will be typecast as a strong protagonist with a soft spot for the innocent. Actually, he would be perfect for that kind of role. If you’ve ever seen him in Brooklyn 99, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

But that’s all well and good unless he gets bit…

Old Spice Terry loves a close shave; Sergeant Terry loves yogurt; and WALKER Terry loves BRAINS.

I’m also excited to see Terry Crews in The Walking Dead because feel like a lot of the black characters in TWD got the short end of the stick. T Dog and Tyreese didn’t do so well, for example, although King Ezekiel was an unforgettable staple.

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