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Welcome to part 2 of Dailysack.com’s Ju On: Origins Cast & Characters article series. In part 1, we covered Haruka Honjo (played by Yuina Kuroshima).

Keeping with the flavor of this site, I’ll keep spoilers to a minimum. You may see a couple of minor spoilers, but even then, I’ll let you know in advance, in case you need to stay PURE and INNOCENT.

In case you missed part 1, you can check it out here:

Ju On Character Profile: Tetsuya Fukazawa

Character Occupation

Office worker of some kind, most likely a salaryman. Below, we see Yasuo visiting Tetsuya’s workplace.

Ju On Cast

Character Backstory

We first hear about Tetsuya via Ruka. Ruka tells Yasuo (the paranormal researcher) about her boyfriend. That boyfriend is fresh-faced salaryman Tetsuya Fukazawa.

Although Haruka doesn’t ask him to, Yasuo goes and finds Tetsuya. Apparently, Yasuo is more than just a paranormal researcher. Because now he is also acting like an investigative journalist.

Very cool.

Tetsuya agrees to be recorded, but he doesn’t want Haruka to hear about any of this. He makes Yasuo promise he won’t show Haruka the recording.

Ju On Characters
Tetsuo with Haruka

WARNING: Minor Ju On Character Spoilers

Tetsuya has a very good reason for wanting to keep his conversation with Yasuo a secret from his girlfriend: he has a terrible secret.

Tetsuya “can see things.”


Ju On CAST: ACTOR Kai Inowaki as Tetsuya Fukazawa

Hailing from Kanagawa, Kai Inowaki is a Japanese actor who has been working in film and television since 2008.

His Instagram is here.

He’s been taking a lot of roles recently, including sixteen in 2020-2021 (source). Below is the official trailer to one of his latest films, 護られなかった者たちへ (literally, “to those who were not protected”). It’s in Japanese, but it’s kind of interesting how you can kind of get the tone of the movie and Inowaki’s acting style as well.

Ju On Character Profile: Michiko Fukazawa (Tetsuya’s Mom)

Occupation: Mom (retired, presumably)

the grudge mom

Background: Michiko Fukazawa (minor SPOILER)

As it turns out, Tetsuya isn’t the only one with supernatural senses. Apparently, his powers run in the family, because his mom has them, too.

Miss Fukazawa meets Haruka, but the circumstances aren’t exactly what they had hoped…

Ju On Cast: Actress Nobuko Sendo as Michiko Fukazawa

Nobuki Sendo (緒形敦子) plays Michiko Fukazawa, a graceful middle-aged woman with supernatural gifts, in Ju On: Origins on Netflix. But did you know she was also a Japanese pop singer in the 1980s?

That’s right, she was an 80s J-Pop idol!

When my research led me to Nobuki Sendo’s 1984 album, 15歳, I was especially excited, because Ju On: Origins has a heavy 80s and 90s vibe, with the episode 1 starting in 1988 and subsequent episodes moving forward in time.

Below, I have embedded a single off Nobuki Sendo’s 15歳 (literally,15 years) album, entitled, “Hiromi.” It’s a heavy 80s Tokyo city vibe, and in this writer’s opinion, a straight-up bop.

I legitimately hope they find a way to use Nobuki Sendo’s music in the show somehow. I think that would add a layer of depth and nerdery to The Grudge franchise.

According to her IMDB page, Ms. Sendo quit acting in 1993, then made a comeback in 2018. She has been acting ever since.

It’s amazing what you can dig up with a little patience! Here’s the full album:


I finished writing part 3! I’m calling it, “Kiyomi Kawai’s Twisted Story.” Check out the link below:

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