Dark Tower Horses

Murderers, Mutants, and Love: Horses in Wizard & Glass

In a world that has moved on, how did folken get from place to place in Mejis? 

Why, the answer is simple: horses of courses. 

Long days and pleasant nights. 

This is part of a series on transportation in Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series. Related articles include bucca wagons, Patricia the Mono, Suzannah Dean’s Cruisin’ Trike, and John Cullum’s cars and trucks

Yar, so let’s start at the beginning, say thankya. 

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Pat Delgado’s Horses

“‘Horses, of courses.’ She smiled to show this was a joke (an old one of her da’s, in fact)”

 -The Dark Tower, Wizard and Glass, p. 179

Pat Delgado, Susan Delgado’s da, had an important job in Mejis. He owned a horse ranch, and was a horse breeder, and one of his main tasks was to breed the mutie (mutant gene) out of the stock. Here are some of his notes: 

“Born of HENRIETTA, (2) foals both well Stillborn of DELIA, a roan (MUTANT) Born of YOLANDA, a THOROUGHBRED, a GOOD MALE COLT” 

-Pat Delgado’s notes, the Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass, page 311

And for another thing:

How did Pat Delgado die? 

Well, the answer has to do with a horse. However, mayhap the plot is thicker than it at first seems…

Pat Delgado’s horse’s name was called Ocean Foam. As the story goes, a snake gave Ocean Foam a good scare. Ocean Foam killed Pat Delgado by accident, by rolling over him.

However, ye oughtn’t believe everything ye hears…

Mayhap the truth is more complicated…

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Cuthbert’s and Alain’s Horses 

Alain John’s horse was called Buckskin. Buckskin ‘tis good name for a horse, aye. And as for Cuthbert’s horse? 

After Roland meets Susan Delgado, he returns to their campsite at The Drop, which is “that long slope that runs toward the sea” (Wizard & Glass, p. 116), Roland dismounts his horse Rusher: 

“Twenty minutes later, Rusher unloaded and rubbed down and set to forage with Buckskin and Glue Boy (Cuthbert could not even name his horse as a normal person would), Roland lay on his back in his bedroll, looking up at the late stars overhead. Cuthbert had gone back to sleep as easily as he had awakened at the sound of Rusher’s hoofs, but Roland had never felt less sleepy in his life.” -Wizard and Glass, page 123

Ah, Cuthbert, ye goofy soul. 

But alas, whatever happened to Cuthbert’s horse, Glue Boy? Unfortunately, the answer isn’t as funny. 

Glueboy died. Cuthbert wound up having to put it down. It all happened at the Xay River Canyon.

Roland’s Horse in Wizard and Glass

Roland’s horse was called Rusher. 

Rusher was a gentle horse who was a great companion for Roland. You might even say Rusher made possible Roland’s romantic relationship with Susan Delgado! 

Say true. 

Consider this: at his first meeting with Susan Delgado, Roland’s horse Rusher is how Roland is able to disarm Susan: 

“Then I’ll walk along beside, and Rusher’ll be our chaperone,” he said cheerfully. “As far as the edge of town, at least, there’ll be no eyes to see and think ill of a perfectly proper young woman and a more-or-less proper young man. And once there, I’ll tip my hat and wish you a very good night.” -Will Dearborn, the Dark Tower, Wizard and Glass, p.110 

Not only that, but that very same night, Rusher also helps Roland to seal the deal with Susan: 

“She held what was left of her little evening meal out to Rusher, who sniffed it, then ate it and nuzzled her hand. She smiled, liking the velvet tickle in the cup of her palm. “Aye, thee’s a good horse, so ye are.”

-The Dark Tower IV, Wizard and Glass, p. 119

Rusher was a good horse. 

In the big climactic fight at the canyon by the thinny, Roland, Alain, and Cuthbert implemented their brilliant plan to trap all the bad guys in the canyon between walls of fire, say true. 

The ka-tet wanted to save their horses, of courses, so they cut them free. But only Roland’s horse Rusher lingered on: 

“The boys were off the horses in a flash, Alain pulling the drawstring bag free of his saddle-horn and slinging it over one shoulder. Cuthbert’s and Alain’s horses ran at once, whinnying, parallel to the brush, but Rusher lingered for a moment, looking at Roland. “Go on.” Roland slapped him on the flank. “Run.”

 Rusher ran, tail streaming out behind him. Cuthbert and Alain slipped through the break in the brush.”

-The Dark Tower IV, Wizard and Glass, p. 395

Other Horses in The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass

There are many other horses in the Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass. These include Pylon, Felicia, Caprichoso, and more. 

But alas, I have a day job, as I’m sure thee knows. And so I’m going to divide this article into two parts, and write about Pylon and all the other Dark Tower horses in the next article. 

So we’ll call this part I. 

Thankee, sai, for reading. 

May your days be long upon the earth. 

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