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The Lobstrosities of the Western Sea

In the Dark Tower, the Lobstrosities of the Western Sea are formidable foes, intelligent creatures, and delicious entrees.

“Dad-a-chack, dum-a-chum, and all that shit. I think they’re like us, Roland—all for eating, but not too big on getting eaten.”

Eddie Dean, Dark Tower II: Drawing of the Three, Page 20

What are the Lobstrosities?

Long days and pleasant nights. 

Yar, indeed, what are the Lobstrosities?

Mayhap the better question is, what does thee get when thee mixes a lobster and a monstrosity? 

You know, linguistically speaking?

Lobstrosities are creatures that live by the shores of the Western Sea, just past the Mohaine Desert, for all ye would-be travellers, may it do ya fine. They resemble lobsters, which Roland had seen before, and have “bleak eyes on stalks” and “long serrated beak(s)”. Lobstrosities can speak, but the lobstrosities’ voices only sound like human speech. Their words are nonsense words: “Did-a-chick? Dum-a-chum? Dad-a-cham? Ded-a-check?” (yar, and all these quotations are from The Dark Tower 2: prologue, do ya). 

Lobstrosities are vicious creatures, say true, say thankya, but they also have this bizarre habit of freezing with their claws in “boxer’s pose” whenever they hear the tide coming in.

Fighting & Eating Lobstrosities

This quirky habit of theirs is quite fortunate for Roland and Eddie, who manage to make a few halfway decent meals out of the beasts.

And if you’re wondering what lobstrosities taste like, well let’s just say Roland didn’t seem to mind eating lobstrosity meat until Eddie told him what it was, if you ken.

As for fighting the beasts, thee can’t very well kick a lobstrosity; ye might as well kick a rock. So make sure thee packs thee’s shells, and that thee keeps thee’s shells dry from the waves of the sea. Lobstrosities may be merciless monsters, but they’re also smart. When Eddie starts killing them along the beach night after night, they start learning to stay away. 

andolini lobstrosity meme

What do Lobstrosities Say?

The lobstrosity says…

Below, I have compiled a comprehensive list of the lobstrosities’ entire vocabulary. I did this with my own research, so if I missed anything, you can always reach out by leaving a comment.

In parentheses, you’ll find the page number from TDT: 

List of everything the Lobstrosities say in the Dark Tower 2: Drawing of the Three

  • “Did-a-chick? Dum-a-chum? Dad-a-cham? Ded-a-check?” (page 16)
  • “Dod-a-chock?” (page 17)
  • “Did-a-chick?” (page 17) 
  • “Dum-a-chum? Dad-a-cham?” (page 17)
  • “Dud-a-chum?” (page 18)
  • “Dod-a-chock?” (page 18)
  • “Dad-a—” (page 18) 
  • “Did-a-chick?” (page 20) 
  • “Dad-a-chack? Did-a-chick? Dum-a-chum? Dod-a-chock?” (page 92)
  • “Dum a chum?” responds the loser. “Dod-a—” KA-BLAM! (page 109)
  • “Did-a-chick?” (page 243)
  • “Dod-a—” (page 244)

You’ll notice, not without some degree of pleasure, I wot, that three of these lobstrosities were attacked mid-speech.

Dark Tower Memes
What do the lobstrosities say?

Dada-chum, dada-chee, not to worry, you’ve got the key. 

Lobstrosities Dark Tower

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