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Suzie’s Cruisin’ Trike: Susannah Dean’s Attack on Algul Siento

It’s fast, it’s mean, it’s electric. Part Honda, part Takuro, all US Army, this ultra modern machine of war hits full speed faster than she would have possibly imagined. On its back, she rides down her enemies, plugs holes, and wreaks explosive havoc.

The machine? It’s Suzie’s Cruisin’ Trike.

Of all the Dark Tower vehicles, the SCT might actually be the coolest.

Algul Siento: Back Story

They were getting close to Al Siento, and Ted Braughtigan had left the ka-tet some goodies. Among these goodies were munitions (AR-15s, rocket launchers, and exploding sneeches among them), a tape player, and an ultra-badass vehicle, that which Eddie would dub, “Suzie’s Cruisin’ Trike.”

Susannah Dean’s cruisin’ trike, “a cross between an ATV and a gigantic tricycle,” presented her with a superior mode of getting around Algul Siento. Susannah had gone through multiple wheelchairs in the past. They inevitably dented, got stuck in the mud, or had to be picked up and carried (along with Suze herself).

Then, of course, the chairs were abandoned, as it was when, for example, Roland, Eddie, and Jake found it at the end of Wolves of the Calla.

Suzie’s Crusin’ Trike is so much cooler than any wheelchair.

Beans, beans

Suzie’s Cruisin’ Trike: Specs

It turns on with a red button. It’s electric, not gas-powered. It also has a nacelle.

A nacelle is a special casing, the kind you’d find on an aircraft. Functionally, a nacelle reduces noise, protects the aircraft engine, improves airflow, and facilitates aircraft braking (it’s not like a bike or car; airplanes slow down or stop with thrust reversers).

Suzy’s Cruisin’ Trike features huge, balloon-like wheels which make it suitable for multiple terrain driving.

Suzie’s Cruisin Trike is made by Honda, Takuro, and North Central Positronics. The US Army also managed to put its stamp on it.

The SCT moves with a hand throttle. It picks up very quickly. It has to be fast. Susannah needs mobility during the ka-tet’s attack on Algul Siento.

“The gadget’s pickup was so lively that she almost tumbled off the bicycle-style seat.”

The Dark Tower VII, Chapter XI: The Attack on Algul Siento, 12

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